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You want to be among the first to get started with Infineon’s new Motor System IC? With Arrow Electronics, you have a unique opportunity to win an evaluation package: 

- BLDC Motor Control Shield and Eval. Board with TLE9563-3QX 
- UIO stick

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BLDC Motor Control Shield and Evaluation Board with TLE9563-3QX     
This evaluation board comes with one BLDC Motor Control IC of TLE9563-3QX. The purpose of this board is to provide a quick evaluation solution for costumers' lab assessments. The evaluation board offers a unique two in one solution. 
It can be connected via a UIO stick with the computer to evaluate its features via ConfigWizard (a graphical user interface) which can be found in the Infineon Toolbox. 
In addition, the evaluation board features an Arduino Shield interface for rapid prototyping. 

Summary of Features
• Operating voltage range 5.5-28V with 5V compatible logic input
• Integrated reverse polarity protection with onboard EMC filter
• Three integrated half-bridges MOSFET (2 in 1 MOSFET package)
• 5 mΩ low-side current sense
• High-Power RGB led driven by integrated High-Side switches
• Onboard Back-EMF detection circuit and connector for HALL-sensor 
• Arduino example codes available

• 2 in 1 board with GUI & Arduino interface for evaluation and rapid prototyping
• 50% reduced internal operating current consumption
• Simplified & cost efficient ground network
• Smaller package size for area savings
• Very low quiescent current in sleep-mode

Potential Applications
• Fans
• Pumps
• Sunroof Module
• Transfer Case

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