Unlocking the Potential of the Industrial Metaverse
A Panel Discussion Brought to You by Arrow and Molex
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The metaverse is poised to usher in a new era of engagement and enablement across every business sector. In fact, the industrial metaverse already is benefiting manufacturers by blending physical and virtual processes to accelerate product-design cycles while increasing production-line efficiencies and economics. As AR/VR, digital twins, robotics and digital assistants become more entrenched in manufacturing applications, what impact will they have on next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructures? What lessons and insights can the industrial metaverse share with broader consumer tech stakeholders to speed adoption? Join our informative panel discussion with industry experts and thought leaders as we explore the evolving world of the industrial metaverse, and provide pragmatic guidelines for engineers as they embark on their own industrial metaverse journeys.
Rob Meyer
Mechanical Engineer
Arrow Electronics
Mark Schuerman
Industrial Automation Expert
Samantha G. Wolfe
Metaverse Expert
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